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International Valentine's Day Exchange

Half a world apart, students from the Kanana Township in South Africa were brought together with students from the Jackson County School District in Arkansas. On Valentine’s Day, phone calls were placed between the schools, one between students in the third grade and again for high school students. We found that we are not so different in what we eat, how we play, and our hopes for the future. The South African students, sweltering in the 90 degree plus summer weather, were fascinated by the fact that the Arkansas students had been dismissed early on the previous day due to snow and ice. We look forward to being able to continue this exchange in the future.

What is Every Child Is Ours?

We take for granted that our children have basic educational tools and supplies such as pens, paper, books, and book bags. Sadly many children do not. Nor do they have proper food to fulfill their nutritional needs. These children, along with their parents and grandparents, are our responsibility. While Every Child Is Ours is becoming well known for our work in Jackson County and Northeast Arkansas, we are truly an international organization. We are partnered with schools in Acuña, Mexico and Kanana, South Africa.

Programs under the Every Child Is Ours umbrella include:

  • North Jackson County Food Pantry, serving families in Tuckerman, Swifton, Grubbs, and Campbell Station
  • Jackson County Literacy Council
  • Back Pack Program, sending food home to over 70 elementary and middle school children every Friday during school year
  • Has been actively involved in initiating, supplying and supporting libraries in the township of Kanana, South Africa
  • Ongoing relationship with schools in Acuna, Mexico with teacher exchanges, donations of books, schools supplies, lesson plans. We’ve welcomed their principals and teachers to our Arkansas State Capitol on five separate occasions. They have performed in our schools and communities. Relationships have been built that will last a lifetime.
  • We have been working in Pine Ridge, South Dakota for over ten years. We have supplied school materials, books, coats and Christmas presents to the children of the Sioux Nation.